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The mxmlc cannot work with the 64bit JRE. So you need to install the 32bit jre and set the path in the flex_home/jvm.config as below. java.home=C:/Progra~2/Java/jre7 Note that the slashes in the path are forward slashes (/)!!! not back, and progra~2 means program files x86
Change the values of all occurrences of maxmemory in build.xml <mxmlc file="${src-cp}/CP_main.mxml" output="${bin-dir}/CP/CP_main.swf" show-unused-type-selector-warnings="false" static-link-runtime-shared-libraries="true" fork="true" maxmemory="1024m"> This will solve the java heap error that appears when building flex ...
Copy the flash.swc from Flash libs and paste it in your project. Which will give you access to MatrixTransformer MatrixTransformer.rotateAroundInternalPoint(matrix,x,y,degrees); MatrixTransformer.rotateAroundExternalPoint(matrix,x,y,degrees);
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