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Tips tagged: flex
The mxmlc cannot work with the 64bit JRE. So you need to install the 32bit jre and set the path in the flex_home/jvm.config as below. java.home=C:/Progra~2/Java/jre7 Note that the slashes in the path are forward slashes (/)!!! not back, and progra~2 means program files x86
Copy the flash.swc from Flash libs and paste it in your project. Which will give you access to MatrixTransformer MatrixTransformer.rotateAroundInternalPoint(matrix,x,y,degrees); MatrixTransformer.rotateAroundExternalPoint(matrix,x,y,degrees);
Change the values of all occurrences of maxmemory in build.xml <mxmlc file="${src-cp}/CP_main.mxml" output="${bin-dir}/CP/CP_main.swf" show-unused-type-selector-warnings="false" static-link-runtime-shared-libraries="true" fork="true" maxmemory="1024m"> This will solve the java heap error that appears when building flex ...
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