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About Tipila

What is Tipila ?

Tipila is a place for programmers to manage the knowledge in the form of Tips.

What is a Tip ?

A Tip is an exact, to the point, instruction of how to do a programming task. No-more no-less. A Tip can be a code snippet, trick, hack or a how-to, related to programming

Why Tipila was created ?

Tipila was created to solve an annoying problem that we, the programmers face every day.

When we face a programming problem, we spend hours on end googling and trying out all the solutions found. After trying so many methods we finally find the solution only to forget about it when faced with a similar problem sometime later. Then we start googling all over again and waste time to find the solution again

But with Tipila, you can post the solutions you find, to Tipila and easily find them again when needed

But I can bookmark the solutions I find ?

Yes, but most of the time the solutions are found in forums, blog posts or Q&A sites. In a blog you need to read about author trying the method A and then method B and so on until he finds the solution that acutallly works. On a forum or a Q & A aite you need to go through all the posts and comments to find the solution that actually work. So it's way easier to post the exact solution to Tipila as a tip and find it again when needed rather than reading a lengthy page again

Can't I use my own blog to post tips ?

Yes, but only if the solution is long enough to write a blog post about it. Most of the time the actual solution is a few lines of code or a simple configuration change. So it's easier to post it as a tip to Tipila. Also Tipila has rich search functionalities for you to search tips easily and efficiently.

OK, Do I have to pay to use Tipila ?

No and Never...! Tipila is totally free and it always will be.

Can I use other people's tips ?

Yes you can. Tipila is all about sharing knowledge. If you find an interesting tip, you can add it to your "MyTips" or vote up the tip to increase its popularity

Can I post my blog posts to Tipila as tips ?

Yes, you can post a link to your blog post with the tip as well...! But make sure to post the essence of your blog post as the tip and put the link to the blog as a "more info" link.

How can a company or a dev team benifit from Tipila ?

If you've got a group of devs working on a project, you can tag all the tips related to the project with the project name and group them together. So that all of your team members can easily find them

That's not all, when a member leaves the company or the project, you no longer lose all of his knowledge as Tipila has the tips he posted.

What technologies are used to create Tipila ?

Tipila is created using ASP.NET MVC and coded mainly in C#. It's running on .NET Framework 4.0 and uses an SQL Server 2008 database

Our API is created using WCF WebHttp services.

We at Tipila love the REST architecture and and try our best to keep our designs as RESTFul as possible.

I need to more info

We are more than happy to help you. Write to us at:

For general inquiries

For technical inquiries

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